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Give it to me straight, doc - ninjuhplease - 09-23-2009 07:29 AM

I bought my PCH A100 in the first wave, on a recommendation by a coworker. I was impressed by its capability despite its hardware minimalism, and I couldn't argue with the price. Reads any files off the network? Services for FTP and torrents? I thought it was the best thing ever.

More recently, I'm becoming more frustrated with what I consider to be one of its only drawbacks. The interface SUCKS. The clunky, layered menu system and sheer blandness have kept me from ever wanting to use it for photos, music, torrents, MSP... just about 90% of its options. I had grand plans when I first installed it, but now I only use it to watch Mad Men downloads.

Now several of my friends have Boxee. Never mind the interface is absolutely gorgeous. I don't even know if PCH can receive "stations" like TED talks, Hulu or Scanwiches.

I looked into "jukebox" alternatives, I believe they're called. Do all of them require a PC server, or hours of legwork to set up? I don't want to unpack archives, and I don't want to install anything on another PC. I love to tinker with my gadgets like any other geek, but for a device I rely on when I need to unwind, any extra step sounds like a root canal. I want something that just works.

Basically, here's my gripe. I bought a device that plays like a media computer but has the look and feel of a linksys router. If you can update the firmware in one click, shouldn't it be possible to get a one-click menu option to add a web service, change the theme, or maybe even install a front-end package?

RE: Give it to me straight, doc - cheaper_popcorn - 09-23-2009 08:19 AM

The most fancy jukeboxes, graphics wise, require setup via a PC. There are less fancy, but very useful options that run completely on the NMT, like Oversight.

It will not take you hours of legwork though, there is a simple guide available at the top of the YAMJ forum that explains exactly what to do, using a GUI tool developed for the purpose.

It's all relatively painless and should not take you much more than 2-3 hours if you are focused.

If this is still too much work for you I am afraid you are out of luck, there is no other device in the market that has the same format support and takes less time to set up with a fancy interface.

You -will- need to get your hands a little dirty. Take one of your days off to do it, or divide the setup into 1 hour chunks over a week, then you will have everything you need up and running and once it's up and running it won't be a hassle anymore.

RE: Give it to me straight, doc - jokster - 09-23-2009 08:30 AM

there are several indexes you can install to remove the "clunky interface". quite a few of these can be installed through the community installer (CSI). or you can make your own via Kdoske NMT Customizer, this will also work out the correct href links for you if you want to edit another index and like me aren't too good with that sort of thing. and there are also video, music and picture jukeboxes for you to tinker around with.
in saying all that i do know what you mean. it does involve a little work to get things looking nice.

RE: Give it to me straight, doc - chris57 - 09-23-2009 02:56 PM

Remember that this UI is temporary and will be replaced when ROB G licensing is achieved.

Then the plan is to release an API to developers and let users customise the UI so that it operates how each user likes.

Until we hear we don't know any more.

RE: Give it to me straight, doc - cheaper_popcorn - 09-23-2009 03:02 PM

Chris's comment is for the C-200, the A-100 GUI will remain the same, as far as we know. Smile