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Trying To Set Up Torrent
11-28-2008, 06:31 AM (This post was last modified: 11-28-2008 06:32 AM by charleyfarley.)
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Sad Trying To Set Up Torrent
i'm trying to setup the torrent client on my pch-a110 with little joy.

i have searched and read tonnes of posts and thread links, the wiki and still i am not certain what it is i am lacking - feel free to fill in that gap

i have a wireless dongle and the cd with the driver on it, i tried copying the driver folder to my usbstick and then transferred it to the pch internal - nothing.

i have just read that there are only 2 types of wireless dongle that work on the pch... is that correct??

i always manage to bumble my way round a problem through searches and advice but so far this has me stumped.

i use a g4powerbook wirelessly in the lounge... am i right in thinking that once i can get a wireless internet connection to the pch i will be able to access the torrent app through my laptop??
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11-29-2008, 12:10 PM
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RE: Trying To Set Up Torrent
Hi charely welcome to the NMT forum Smile

What wireless dongle do you have? The only ones that work is Revision 1 of this one:-
The only way to tell if its revision 1 is from the code on the back of the dongle which ends v1 or v2.

And the WN100:-

I take it you are UK based so shipping costs for the PCH make it too expensive.

These are sold as compatible:-

You will know that the adapter works if you get the wirless options showwn in SETUP>Network.

If you only see wired then it doesnt work.

Think of the fact that the drivers have to be included in the firmware. You cannot get the drivers off your CD and into the firmware. Only certain drivers for a certain chipset and in the firmware. Search forum for atheros if you want to which but even adapters with the atheros chipset dont work due to vendor id in setting/config.

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12-05-2008, 07:09 PM
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RE: Trying To Set Up Torrent
Thanks Chris

perhaps you've seen my posts on AVForums regards this issue...

i am making some headway but its pretty slow. I have opened the torrent client and scheduler using the onscreen interface, my aim is to access it all from my laptop. This is a G4powerbook and is wirelessly connected to my 2wire1800hg router. The router in turn is connected to the PCH now via ethernet - i opted for wired rather than wireless.

There are 2 problems i have now. I can see the PCH via the router homepage on my laptop but only i can see it is connected - and the ip address which is
I cannot access it from my laptop... each time i get a network time out error.

I have set the mode on PCH to manual ip

My second problem is although i can open the torrent application on the PCH through the onscreen interface, and the scheduler - i can see how that will work - maybe a stoopid question but how do i set a torrent up, to download??? like i click on a link using my laptop and it automatically opens and adds it to transmission, how do i add that same thing on the PCH???

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12-06-2008, 02:11 PM
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RE: Trying To Set Up Torrent
here's a lesson to other newbie strugglers out there, spend less time reading the forums and more time reading the instructions that come with your PCH.
I'm so clever i didn't bother, just plugged it all in and away i went, no problem until i want to do something specific.

basically i was trying to get to the pch using the ip address from the router plus the 8077 tag to direct me to the transmission app. the instructions taught me its 8088!!

so now i can access the PCH from my laptop. Got it to start downloading torrents no problem.

Where can i change the preference download folder so that i don't have to keep moving completed files around?


Can i copy a large file on my laptop directly to the PCH without having to put it on a or extenal drive?

Thanks for all your helps so far, much appreciated.
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12-07-2008, 11:09 AM
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how to seed new torrent ?
How to upload new torrent? I'm seeding torrents wich I have fully downloaded. But I want to make new torrent to share my file(s) to torrent tracker. How could I done this? And what torrent app (BT or Transmission) shoul I use?

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