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firmware upgrades and user applications
03-17-2009, 12:13 AM
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firmware upgrades and user applications
I am a noob to PopCornHour. I still don't own a device. I am researching the capabilities of the device and I have a few questions to the experienced people out there.

I believe it is possible to modify the UI/themes add custom applications etc..

I want to know what happens to all the customization when a new firmware upgrade is applied. Do the apps have to be installed again? Does the UI theme get overwritten? Or do they all stay the same?

Can someone give me an idea of what exactly the firmware upgrades contain and where the custom apps are installed etc...

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03-17-2009, 03:31 AM
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RE: firmware upgrades and user applications
When updating the firmware the themes do not get over written nor most app settings etc. You may have to reinstall a user app such as telnet or torrentwatch but the config is still there so its only a matter of seconds.

If you read the WIKI you will see 140 pages of information detailing the answers to most queries:-

Firware is seperate from apps, they are two separate files and only if you have internal HDD to you install the apps. There are also userapps written by the community which are installed by the user. There is a community installer which has grouped a lot of them together in one app to install the ones you want.

When installing the NMT Apps the internal HDD is formatted to ext3 and partitioned into 3 partitions, one for apps (250Mb), swop space (450Mb), and storage (remainder of space depending on drive size.

You can fit a 2.5'' HDD or CF card adapter if you are worried about noise or heat or just go with a 3.5'' HDD.

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