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Poll: Which Movie Jukebox is the best??
This poll is closed.
MOVIE FLOW (any skin) 5.39% 37 5.39%
MY LIL MOVIE JUKEBOX 6.99% 48 6.99%
YAMJ w/ 5150 Skin 4.80% 33 4.80%
YAMJ w/ Gfb107 Skin 0.73% 5 0.73%
YAMJ w/ PPP2 2.04% 14 2.04%
YAMJ w/ PPP3 / SmokedGlass 5.97% 41 5.97%
YAMJ w/ Unique Black Glas 5.82% 40 5.82%
YAMJ w/ AEON Movie Wall 55.46% 381 55.46%
YAMJ w/ Redefined 1.4 4.37% 30 4.37%
NMT Server / Dynamic YAMJ 8.44% 58 8.44%
Total 687 votes 100%
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02-23-2010, 10:58 AM (This post was last modified: 02-23-2010 11:25 AM by De1Phi4n.)
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(10-08-2009 10:12 PM)Legion455 Wrote:  Yep, if he can make it so that there's more than 10 choices!!!!
BTW, .. after doing all the demos, here's my view on how to make the perfect jukebox ..

1. Use PPP3's Catagory/Genre/Alphabetic Popup (press INFO button)
2. Use NMT Server Index page w/ selectable Row/Column thumbnail display
3. Use Boxset add on for the covers
4. Use Unique Black Glas for the TV/Movie Details page.
5. Use Redefined Parental Controls
6. Use Redefined for TV Index.
7. Use NMT Server for the Actor Bio popups
8. Use Movie Flow for scraping DVD Covers & fanart.

and then it would be perfect!!! Big Grin

sweet can you or someone make that? though it might only perfect to you and not others.
(10-20-2009 09:46 PM)spawn Wrote:  I miss a way to rate the actual Movie Jukebox demosite Wink

Thats a clear 10 Cool

Really nice work, excellent videos with fine narration demoing the different jukeboxes, and testdrives for users to actually try them out.

This isnt just a poll but also a superb presentation of the Movie Jukeboxes

Fabulous Smile

which site is that? because i've been to some guys site where has videos of a bunch of the jukebox skins and then a demo download of them so you can try them on your pch just as a sample with example files. that is the only way to try out a skin to see if you will like it without installing the whole thing on your pch.

Also, what is this UMC?

i'm still using ppp2 cus its the best and semi simple but looks good and customizable. it just hasn't been updated cus ppp moved onto ppp3 but i'm glad ppp2 is in the poll. ppp3 has too many tabs in details page and i dont want all that. i just want the basic info and then ability to highlight each ep to get a video image and summary all on one page.

its just that ppp2 doesnt work with moviejukebox 1.8 or new yamj revisions. it seems to work with 1.7 but it has the double video image problem where for tv eps it puts a blank/black video image above the actual one and pushes everything down. this is an old problem ppl had and i fixed it before but can't remember now what the fix was, heh.

and yeah it seems like Aeon kicked ass and i saw ppl mention it for tv index so maybe i will try that for tv but i always liked ppp2 for tv and if anything would try something different for movies which i did but then went back to ppp2 for that also.
I'd like Aeon movie wall better if the fanart background was in color and not covered by the grey background. maybe a way to make that transparent and just have the text over top of the fanart background without the grey overlay?

and the movie cover doesn't need to be the whole left quarter of the screen from top to bottom like that though maybe that is adjustable.

for tv its a little better cus the grey background is a rectangle in center of the screen so you see some of the fanart background in color butmost of it is still covered.

also i like seeing everything on one page like ppp2 so basic file info series name actors whatever and then list of eps i can highlight to get video image and summary.

PPP2 still the best for movies and especially tv.
i just wish he would keep it updated with new versions of movie jukebox.
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02-23-2010, 11:54 AM
Post: #62
(02-23-2010 10:58 AM)De1Phi4n Wrote:  which site is that?
(02-23-2010 10:58 AM)De1Phi4n Wrote:  Also, what is this UMC?

UMC 2.0 Preview

A400: SD Card(Apps), HDMI C200: USB(Apps), BD ROM (SH-B083L(SB01)), HDMI
CAT6 Wired Network: TV Panasonic TX-P42G20, HP ProCurve 1400-8G, Netgear GS-608/605, Synology CS407
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02-23-2010, 12:12 PM (This post was last modified: 02-23-2010 12:12 PM by De1Phi4n.)
Post: #63
chris, yeah i realized i've been to that site before and that is where i got the jukebox demos to try.

my main problem is I have made a resounding vote for ppp2. because no matter what i try or sample its just the best all around to me.

but he stopped updating it and it doesnt work with newer versions of yamj.

the other day suddenly i had the whole details page off to the right. i probably should have just reran it but i updated it with a newer version of yamj and it wasn't working. now even with old version it has the old problem of putting a blank/black video image above the actual one.

i forget how this was fixed but the issue on it actually goes off onto other related problems and never fixes this problem with ppp2 and yamj. i think ultimately its just a matter of using old version of it but i'm not sure whats the newest version that actually works anymore.
and now its just not dling any video image at all wtf
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