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recovery from update
04-17-2008, 03:36 AM
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recovery from update

I am using the latest beta prior 829 before i update to the latest release 830... the problem is that when i am updating to 830.... the program seems hang in 70% of the programming kernel.... now it already stuck for 15min....

my question is what should i do now ? reboot ? or just wait like forever ?

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04-17-2008, 04:00 AM
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my unit seems magically update it self... but i already wait for 45 min.... not for the faint heart..... warning to everyone..... better wait longer... seems there still some bugs... now.. i am using 330....

tips: if you want to update, disconnect the power cable first for 30 sec to have a clean boot... then update it... if it is hang.... just don't turn off the unit... if you need to wait for 1 hour, let it be... never turn off the unit.....
hang tight and pray....

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04-17-2008, 05:08 AM
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My unit hanged during firmware update today too. But it was during the second firmware programming stage, not the kernel programming stage. It hanged at 80% for more than two hours.

I finally gave up and unplugged it. Upon restart, it hanged at the 'loading' screen endlessly.

I did the recovery procedure using usb. I let it run a good hour the first time - it didn't work. I ran recovery a second time, but this time with the hdd removed. The unit recovered in less than 10 minutes. I think recovery stands a greater chance if the firmware update failure happens after the kernel stage.

But of course, there probably is a foolproof method for firmware recovery over the ethernet port using tftp. But after reading the UART thread, it seems that Syabas has disabled that sort of access, in the name of 'security'.

You can be sure that the hardware is assembled prior to programming in the firmware, so there has to be a method to program the firmware to a non-working unit. Syabas should enable this. It is silly to have to return hardware just because they won't enable a foolproof firmware recovery process.

After my experience today, I will consider very carefully if it is worth the risk to update to future firmwares. But if they fix any of the numerous serious bugs, I know that I will be tempted.
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04-17-2008, 05:00 PM
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my upgrade (done yesterday, when I first heard about the new fw) was very bumpy to say the least.

I did have both hdmi and component connected. I tried booting and upgrading with component but it still seemed to get stuck for too long a period of time.

I hard rebooted it (removed power cord from brick, leaving brick connected to the PCH) at least 2 or 3 times before the system finally powered on, fully, and gave the UI welcome screen.

and for a while, I was unable to 'save' things. I first had to get the IP stuff all set and happy and then I was able to save various pref screen settings.

I thought I had bricked my box a few times. this is not a friendly upgrade process. I hope it gets better!

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04-17-2008, 07:02 PM
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I came home last night turned on the PCH and checked for online updates it found it and installed everything including NMT apps, worked perfectly the first time took about 10 minutes to complete. I did not have to disconnect or reconnect anything or turn the unit off or on or unplug or reset any of my network settings it just did exactly what it was suppose to do UPDATE ITSELF WITHOUT ANY interference from me!
Thank You Popcorn Hour Team and good job on the update, keep em coming!
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