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HDMI signal disconnects on HDX1000
05-02-2010, 03:26 PM
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HDMI signal disconnects on HDX1000
Every time I play a file, whether it is from the HDX menus or from a YAMJ page, the HDX kills the HDMI link and reconnects after a few seconds.
The result is a few seconds delay in playing any file and also the file is actually displayed and heard about 1-2 seconds after it actually started playing.
This is very annoying.

I've tried changing several of the audio / video settings (turning the framrate sync off, changing the output fps, etc.). Nothing helps.

I've tested with a direct connection to the TV as well as through the receiver. Same behavior.

My default setup is 1080p 23.976fps outputed to the receiver via HDMI.

BTW - Pressing stop returns to the HDX (or YAMJ) screens without any HDMI signal disconnection.

How can I keep the HDMI link connected continuously even when moving from the HDX menus to playing a file?

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05-02-2010, 09:10 PM
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RE: HDMI signal disconnects on HDX1000
Simple answer is you can't.

There are many reasons for this, some Syabas and the way the NMT is setup and some simply down to HDMI itself. Limit the handshakes by making sure you do not select 'Auto' in video output. Plus also use autoframerate as although it will cause a handshake when it changes if needed to match the framerate that will annoy far less then stutter from the wrong resolution.
The browser of the UI is a certain resolution, 720 I think, that and something about how the browser and the media playing app work that causes this as well.

I would set to 1080/60 with autoframerate NTSC/PAL/24 if your TV is 1080p and has NTSC/PAL and actual 24p playback. If it is just 180p and doesn't have 24p playback or PAL then set to 1080/60 with autoframerate turned OFF. If it does 1080p and PAL and NTSC but no 24p then 1080p/60 with NTSC/PAL in autoframerate. There's a good WIKI article on autoframerate and jitter.

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05-03-2010, 09:52 AM
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RE: HDMI signal disconnects on HDX1000
Thanks for your answer.

I was under the impression that this is "normal" behavior until I saw the C-200 start playing files without killing the HDMI link.
Having asked other HDX1000 users, some said that theirs also keeps the link persistent (didn't see this with my own eyes though).

Are you saying that this is the normal behavior for ALL NMTs? Howcome the C-200 behaves differently?

Regarding the video setup -
My TV is 1080p and supports 24p playback (it also support PAL as well as NTSC)
My default video output setting on the HDX is 1080p, 23.976fps.

Note that I have tried setting the output to 1080p, 60Hz and setting the autoframe sync to NTSC/PAL/24. In such a case in my TV HDMI info, I see that it is receiving 1080p 60Hz and not 24 as had I expected (when playing a file with 23.976fps). While set to my default setting above, it shows 1080p 24...
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05-03-2010, 04:44 PM
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RE: HDMI signal disconnects on HDX1000
It is different on the 200 series players as they use different apps for the browser, media player and the likes, and has a different more powerful chip (8643). Not sure but the last thing I was referring to with regards killing apps causing HDMI resynch may not be the same.

All 8635 players play the same though. That is the likes of the HDX1000, A100, A110, etc.

Describe your exact setup, the location of the files (not on a NAS in hibernation or similar), the location of your YAMJ output folder, and exactly what happens in what order and for how long. Then ask someone in the 100 series YAMJ section if there experiencing is that same and you'll get an idea if it's normal or not from the replies of a few users.

The 24 in the autoframerate setting NTSC/PAL/24 refers to 23.976 in reality. Most TV manufacturers also do this as there is very little actual 24fps material out.
So if you have set your TV to 1080/60 and autoframerate to PAL/NTSC/24 then your NMT should be sending a 1080/23.976 signal through although labelled as 1080/24.
You can set an actual resolution of 1080/24 as opposed to 1080/23.976 in video output should you ever come across any actual 24fps files.
If when set as above and you play a 23.976fps file then it should output as 1080/24. If it is output as 1080/60 then that wrong and should be reported to HDX. In the meantime if 1080/23.976 works use it.

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05-04-2010, 03:20 PM
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RE: HDMI signal disconnects on HDX1000
My setup is as follows -
HDX has an internal HDD and is also connected via wired LAN to my home network.
HDX connected via HDMI to a Denon 1909 receiver.
Receiver connected via HDMI to a Samsung Full HD Plasma (supporting 24fps).
Video ouput set to 1080p, 23.976. Framerate sync set to off.
Sound is also outputted through the HDMI (HDMI audio = on).
YAMJ folder is on the internal HDD. Media is both on the internal HDD as well as on my PC (always on, never hibernating).
Media is 99% MKV files with H264 encoded video at 23.976fps and DTS or AC3 audio.

Note that the above is my default setup. In order to investigate this issue I have also tried
- other video outputs
- toggling framerate sync on and off
- Connecting the HDX directly to the TV (and not through the receiver)
- Playing the video files through the native NMT file browsing menus (from both the local HDD as well as from the network)
- Playing audio files (mp3)

In ALL CASES, I can see the HDMI link disconnect right after I press play and reconnect after 1-2 seconds. The media itself starts being seend and heard about 1 second from the file's actual beginning (something that is quite unnoticeable in movies but quite annoying in music).
In total, it takes about 5+ seconds from the push of the play button until the media file is seen/heard.

So... Is this the 'normal' behavior of the 8635 based NMTs or not?
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05-04-2010, 05:07 PM
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RE: HDMI signal disconnects on HDX1000
Normal for 8635 NMTs but not for 8635s. It's a design flaw (or choice) in Syabas' approach and there's no intention of addressing it.
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05-04-2010, 05:42 PM
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RE: HDMI signal disconnects on HDX1000
most flaws start with a choice.... the wrong one... only past the point of no return does is become part of the design... and sublimely elevated to "choice"

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The inability to setup and configure the NMT should not be disguised as a defect of the box...
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05-04-2010, 09:43 PM
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RE: HDMI signal disconnects on HDX1000
Am I the only one annoyed with this 'design'?

It also makes the NMT pretty much useless for music as hearing every song start 1-2 seconds after its actual beginning is not very enjoyable...

Is there no chance that Syabas will fix this?
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05-05-2010, 03:54 PM (This post was last modified: 05-05-2010 03:55 PM by embryo.)
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RE: HDMI signal disconnects on HDX1000
I have exactly the same problem mate, and it takes even longer when just turning my HDX1000 on! Thankfully I don't listen to music, and have just learned to live with it.Sad

Its certainly a longer delay though, now my hmdi is being passed through my amp.
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