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The Popcorn incar thread
10-16-2008, 12:17 PM
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The Popcorn incar thread

How can we get this baby to work in the backseat of our cars, for our kids to watch movies etc we need it? probably not....would it be fun to get it working, hell yes!

So power for the pop, wouldnt be any major concern, could just by any power converter from 12v , any out there would do to meet the specs of the pop.

Now LCD screen, thats a bigger concern, i was hoping to find a small LCD TV/Screen on 12v With component or HDMI in, that turned out to be not as easy as i first thought.

So any ideas on how to find a suitable monitor 12v for a car system?

let your ideas flowwwwwww......
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10-16-2008, 01:26 PM (This post was last modified: 10-16-2008 01:27 PM by Gibbo.)
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RE: The Popcorn incar thread
How's about something like this? A little over the top but its a start, 12V and HDMI.

Storage Options
C-200, A-110, DAS400, Denon 1909 via HDMI, TXP42X10, KEF Q3 and Q9C surround
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10-16-2008, 01:57 PM
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RE: The Popcorn incar thread
15.4 is a bit big for the car, but good start.

Sony XEL1 Smile cost a few bob mind.
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10-16-2008, 04:43 PM
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RE: The Popcorn incar thread
Having converted most of my dvd's to h264 thought this would be a great idea too for all the kids stuff. Haven't looked into it in too much detail but what would be the problem with just using standalone tft monitors very common with in car entertainment systems. Also where were you thinking of storing the unit and remote control of the unit.
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10-16-2008, 05:16 PM
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RE: The Popcorn incar thread
You might need to filter the 12V spikes from the engine. It could create distortion on your audio or LCD. Something like this might work
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10-16-2008, 05:26 PM (This post was last modified: 10-16-2008 05:33 PM by Doggen.)
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RE: The Popcorn incar thread
well storing the unit was.....lets put it this way my idea is to build like a briefcase type'o'thing, pocorn in the bottom part and the tv/monitor as the lid.
And to be honest i haven't given this much thought, i jusst wanted see if there where anymore people out there thinking of this, and we could bounce ideas back and forth.....

My basic idea is to have pop/tv as a complete portable unit, so its not only for car it could aslo be for boat/caravan/hotel/spaceship.... well you name it.
So basically a briefcase type with 220V/12V power system.

So a 15" screen would work, but i would rather have a 10" since the popcorn is ~ 10" wide, this would be perfect just to build some sort of hinge system between the screen and pop

And as far as HD goes, it's not essential for me, i was jusst thinking about how smooth it would be connecting tv/pop via HDMI (or component).
So far i haven't seen any of the smaller screens have any interesting inputs, think composite is the best iv'e seen...and thats about it.
(10-16-2008 05:16 PM)eddy123 Wrote:  You might need to filter the 12V spikes from the engine. It could create distortion on your audio or LCD. Something like this might work

Yeah , perfect, haven't given that much of thought, but i remember back in the day (when i was young Wink...) building some car audio you sometimes got that buzzing sound and stuff from generator etc etc (well those days you were cheap and would never by a product like that, heck that thing would sureley buy you at least 10 Big mac Meals on McDonalds Tongue.)
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10-16-2008, 07:05 PM
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RE: The Popcorn incar thread
I'm planning to start working on an in-car deployment later this month or early next with a PCH B-110 and a VoomPC2 enclosure and automotive power supply. I'm using that combo as a cost effective off-the-shelf solution to avoid fabricating a lot. That way I can focus all of my limited spare time on software development (not using NMT) and having a rolling installed hardware platform in a day tops. And in the spirit of turn-key, I'll probably go with something like a Xenarc MDT-X7000 for the display plus crossovers, amps, caps, speakers, etc.

The only thing I really hate is I can't find any low wattage DC-DC power supplies with ignition control. Pretty much everything is rated 60W+ with varying efficiencies - more than 5 times the peak power usage of the B-110 + 2.5 HD. Sad So I'll probably build one later once everything else is done.
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10-16-2008, 08:57 PM
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RE: The Popcorn incar thread
I like this project and might will consider something similar. I have already a Kenwood DVD player in my car and it has an composite input which I can use. I don't think it is worth to use a higher resolution output from the PCH as the Kenwood screen is already so small. I might need also an IR extender and a learning remote control, as I have also one for the Kenwood. Two RC's in the car is just not convienent.

Beside the noise filter, I recommend to stabilze the input power properly. You could probable use these laptop DC to DC convertors, specially for cars. They might have the noise filters built in. You could also use these DC 13.8V to 220V AC convertors and use the PCH 220V AC adapter but these things also create a lot of heat, so I don't recommend this.

If you are going to install the PCH you need some good cooling specially when you are using a HDD which is a must for this project.
Due to poor ventilation spot temperatures in cars can go high.

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11-08-2008, 06:59 AM
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RE: The Popcorn incar thread
Starting to get some of the hardware rounded up and test fitting things. Thought I'd post some pics of the progress. There's a long way to go on the hardware front before even starting to write code. **NOTE** This does not run NMT though it is a PCH B-110 board. I just wish Syabas would be at least a little cooperative in answering some of my questions on their specific hardware differences. But I've had to do way more probing, ohming, and reverse engineering in general than I would have liked.

Picture of the PCH on the right with a 7" Lilliput 629GL LED Backlit LCD screen. The native res on it is 800x480 so it should be good enough for a UI. It has a built-in USB controlled 4-wire resistive touchscreen. It's mounted in a double din enclosure kit from Mechatronics. I had to modify it quite a bit though. Cut down the vga board standoffs, dremel some slots in each side to mount the hard drive carrier tray you see on top, and cut out a window in one side so the PSU would fit.

[Image: prelim-1.jpg]

Here's another shot showing it booting with a quick and dirty splash screen that matches my car make, model, year, and color. The splash screen takes 3 seconds to come up. Worst case boot time is about 18 seconds from ignition to ready to play (cold boot only). I think I can trim that down to 8 s till UI is up and running and 10-13 total for music play from internal MP3 or HD radio.

[Image: prelim-2.jpg]

Shot of the Vistion HD Radio module. There will be two of them for recording and scanning of other stations for availability, current programming info, and signal strength while listening to one.

[Image: prelim-4.jpg]

Here is a shot of the back of the PCH B-110. Stereo will be up converted and multichannel AC3/AAC/DTS/etc will be downconverted to 4.1 with the center channel spread to FL+FR. The downmix stereo pair and surround pair could be used as a 2nd and 3rd audio source for other passengers. The audio routing in the 8634 is pretty configurable. And both volume and phase delay can be controlled per individual output channel. I'll probably use multichannel microphone cable to run down to the amps. I haven't test ran it in-car yet, but I'm hoping there isn't any unexpected noise. The DACs on the B-110 could be better.. but they could be worse too.

[Image: prelim-5.jpg]

The PATA hard drive you see will be replaced once the radio is installed in-car with a SATA-2 128GB solid state disk for lower power, less heat, more reliability, and quicker access times. There is also a power control board I'm working on that will mount on stand offs on that shelf right above the HD. It allows schedule wake-ups, extended shutoff times, non-volatile storage of audio source and play position, integration of steering wheel controls, LCD backlight control, and a host of other things. Just ignore the crude dremel work for the PSU cut-out. I'm an impatient fabricator!

Here is a shot with the hard drive tray removed showing the LCD control board. I have a 802.11n wireless card on back order for the Mini-PCI slot.

[Image: prelim-6.jpg]

And another shot showing the PicoPSU DC-DC Automotive Power-Supply. It's really overkill at 125 watts. I doubt the whole system with both external HD radio modules powered off it too will pull more than 20 watts. But it has plenty of juice, ignition detect and shutoff, deep cycle power drain protection and automatic shutoff, and best of all its 2 inches square!

[Image: prelim-7.jpg]

I have a huge laundry list of intended features - most of what is typically included in a car pc - plus many more. But I have limited spare time and likely will not start writing UI code until January.

The idea for me is not to have a car pc. I really wanted to set out to build a stock looking head unit with all the features and then some of after market ones but be able to change it whenever I want! I've never found a music player that catalogs things like I want, or integrates some other 'I can't live without it gadget', etc, etc.. Hopefully soon I can.
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11-08-2008, 09:46 AM
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RE: The Popcorn incar thread
Wow, I have deep respect for people thats goes all in. Can't wait to hear what you have on that laundry list of yours, especially the things you actually manages to implement. A picture of the actually car installment would be appreciated too.
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